"Ideal For Green Living"

Incorporated in 2012 at British Columbia, Ideal Canadian Trading Limited is supplier of green products to North America. The Canadian and American governments are implementing green strategies and planning to ban the single use plastic and Styrofoam products. We specialize in leaf-based disposable tableware and other green products. Ideal Canadian Trading is fulfilling the North American market requirements for green products and helping to create a greener North America.

Currently, we manufacture leaf-based disposable products in Myanmar and import into North America. We carefully control our products' quality and meticulously pay attention to customers' satisfaction. We are also actively seeking for the international partners of green products manufacturers and raw material (leaf) suppliers. Our aim is to be the largest importer of green products into North America by 2024.

Ideal Canadian Trading Limited deeply appreciate environmental organizations and non-profits across the globe which are working to create a sustainable future for all of us. We would support their work. We believe that humanity needs to address more on such problems as habitat destruction, poaching, pollution, and global warming.