For You and Your Country Subheading

For You and Your Country

Disposable plastic, Styrofoam and paper-based products are not only harmful to land and marine environments, but also hazardous to human health. We manufacture and distribute leaf-based disposable products in North America. Here are some reasons why you should choose our products:

Best Of Its Kind

  • We carefully select raw material for export quality. Raw materials are pressure-washed clean water and final products are UV treated. We check individual final product to ensure it meet the highest quality standards.

Enjoy Healthy Life-Style

  • Science has proved that plastic and Styrofoam products contains chemicals that are harmful to health. Even paper-based products contain some chemicals. Do you want to celebrate your parties with chemical free products? With no wax, no bleach, no dyes or no preservative, please eat in our 100% chemical free organic products.

Save The World By Saving Trees

  • Our products are made from "naturally fallen leave"! Unlike bamboo and paper-based products, no trees need to cut for raw material. If you want to save the world, by saving trees, use our products. You can even use our leaf-based products as camp fire fuel, so you have to use less camp firewood and you can save more trees.

Fertilize Your Mother Earth

  • Disposed used products on the earth, it is 100% composable within 3 months, much faster than paper and become manure. So, you are again helping your mother earth by fertilizing her.

Strong And Tough

  • You can use our products to contain hot and cold, food or soup. Our products are very strong and can withstand high temperature, microwavable and even reusable if you clean and dry under sunlight after each use. Leaf fibers and veins provide extra strength and 100% soak proof.

Beautiful Gift Of Mother Nature

  • Carefully check leaf vein pattern on our product, no two products are alike. Same as finger-prints in human, each plate has distinctive vein-pattern. By seeing elegant leaf patterns and smelling aroma of palm leaves, you can appreciate the gifts from Mother Nature.