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What are leaf-based disposable products?

Disposable plastic and Styrofoam products contain chemicals such as Benzene, which can cause serious health consequences. Moreover, these products can harm our eco-system, deterirorating both land and marine environments.

Alternatively, we can use paper-based disposable products. However, "about 3,000 different chemicals are used in papermaking process". They are harmful for human health, especially Trimethylamine.

We have a perfect solution to avoid health and environmental hazards of disposable products. We manufacture and distribute Leaf-based disposable products, 100% chemical free and 100% biodegradable.

Our products are made from naturally fallen leaf. They are then pressed under high temperature and pressure. So, there is no added chemical. Final products are UV treated and carefully checked individually for quality assurance. Here are special characteristics of our green disposable products.

  • BEATUIFULLY HAND-CRAFTED: We carefully design and individually hand-craft on naturally fallen Area leaves in Kayin State, Myanmar.
  • STURDY, TOUGH: For the products to be exported into North America, we carefully select leaves to make sure they are flawless and use only base parts of leaves that provides extra strength on our export quality final products.
  • DURABLE, SOAK-PROOF AND MICROWAVE SAFE: Our porducts are perfect for both hot and cold food, broth, liquid and are microwave safe.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL EVENTS: Use our products in place of plastic and paper-based products, our natural products will make all types of celebration, out door events and parties more exotic, natural and unique.
  • 100%BOIDEGRADABLE AND COMPOSTABLE: Leaf-based disposable products biodegrade much faster than paper-based disposable products.
  • 100% CHEMICAL FREE: Unlike paper-based, plastic and Styrofoam products, leaf-based disposable products are 100% chemical free.